Apparently Facebook is making an anonymous chat app

Anonymity isn’t something that Facebook has been very fond of over the years, we had the recent controversy over its insistence that people use their real names, and Mark Zuckerberg has gone on record in the past to say that he (wrongly) believes having a fluctuating identity for yourself means you lack integrity.

So it’s a bit of a surprise to hear reports that Facebook is planning on launching an app for chatting anonymously with other people. According to the New York Times, its an app that allows people to communicate without having to use their real names. While this is nothing that new, Facebook’s policies of using verified email addresses and real names means that this move is a big leap for the company.

It’s not clear exactly what would be involved, and whether the app would focus on destructible conversations (like Snapchat), or if there would be archives stored somewhere. Similarly it’s not clear how it would be affecting the web version of Facebook.

Facebook has, of course, refused to comment on the rumours

Tom Pritchard

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