This is Matchstick, Mozilla’s answer to Chromecast

Chromecast is great, and it’s also cheap. Mozilla thinks it can do better with Matchstick, an HDMI streaming stick powered by Firefox OS that costs a mere $12 (£7.40).

It works in much the same way as other, similar, devices like Chromecast and Roku, by streaming videos and games from your mobile or laptop onto a larger screen. It’s built on Firefox OS, which is open-source, and will supposedly be compatible with all the apps that are currently available in Firefox’s store.

The stick recently sold out on Kickstarter and has already matched it’s funding target with 29 days to go. Not to worry though, the stick will be going on sale in February for $25 (£15 plus import duty and taxes).

From the sounds of things Mozilla will be offering a lot of content for a very reasonable price.

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Tom Pritchard