Let’s be thankful the iPhone didn’t turn out like this

The iPhone was the turning point for the mobile world and arguably helped to kick of the smartphone trend that continues to this day. That probably wouldn’t have been the case if this monstrosity had been revealed to the public instead.

According to The Next Web, this phone is what Apple engineers used to test the phone’s capabilities, using a dumbed-down version of iOS that was dubbed ‘Skankphone’ software. This hideous interface was used to prevent leaks of the final UI, which likely would have occurred because Apple creating a phone was a very big deal.

As you can see there is none of the prettified iOS design that we’ve come to know over the past few years. Instead we get a random assortment of plain icons that BGR claims would likely have sent Steve Jobs on a murderous rampage if he was told it was the final design.

Fortunately this was never meant to be released, and only a fool would think they could sell phones with this UI.

Tom Pritchard