The iPod Classic was killed off because Apple couldn’t get the right parts

Last month Apple quietly killed off the iPod Classic, a move that some of us have found somewhat upsetting. Well according to Tim Cook Apple made the decision because it just couldn’t get the parts anymore.

Speaking at the WSJD event, The Apple CEO confirmed that the company no longer had access to the part required to make a 160 GB iPod Classic, and it wasn’t worth designing a new one from scratch.

It seems a little strange that this might be the case, since Apple surely has the influence to ensure it gets the parts it needs. Heck an entire company got bankrupted because it was trying to meet Apple’s demand for sapphire glass.

But, in any case, the economics clearly weren’t behind it and now the iPod Classic is a thing of the past. RIP iPod Classic, RIP.

Tom Pritchard

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