The iPad Mini 3 isn’t a great deal, so grab an iPad Mini 2 while you still can

Last night Apple unveiled the iPad Mini 3, but it was very quiet about the specifications and the hardware inside the device other than the fact it has TouchID. It’s probably a good thing to, because it turns out that the iPad Mini 3 is exactly the same as the iPad Mini 2 is all but a few instances.

What’s different? Well the TouchID for starters, and the fact that you can get the Mini 3 with 128GB of storage and gold colouring. Other than that it’s the exact same device. Same shape, same weight, everything. Don’t believe me? Check out the side-by-side specs here.

If you’re happy paying an extra £80 for a gold colouring and a fingerprint scanner than by all means go out and buy an iPad Mini 3. But I can imagine that’s not a huge priority for most people, so get your hands on a Mini 2 while you still can. Chances are the Mini 2 won’t be around for that much longer, so if you want one you better get to it pronto. The fact that it’s just had a £100 price cut is a great reason to treat yourself.

Or you could just pay £80 extra and get yourself an iPad Air 2 and the serious upgrade it comes with.

Tom Pritchard