You can pre-order the OnePlus One on October 27th

The OnePlus One has been heralded as a great piece of smartphone tech, it’s a phone with the hardware specifications of a flagship device but without the high price tag. The problem it’s been damn near impossible to get your hands on one, until now.

That’s right, the phone is officially going up for pre-order on the 27th October at 3pm. You better get yourself ready though, because those pre-orders are only going to be open for an hour. But as long as you get that order in within that hour you are guaranteed to get your hands on one.

The problem is that a lot of other people are no doubt going to want to get one as well, which means you could end up waiting until January before you get one of your own. But to make the process quicker and easier, OnePlus is letting people set up their pre-orders in advance so all you have to do on the day is log-in and pay for it via PayPal. All the official accessories will be available to purchase next week as well, so if you want to buy them on the cheap you can do.

You can prepare your pre-order here, and the phone itself will cost you £269.

Tom Pritchard