How to watch Apple’s live stream of the iPad Air 2 reveal

Tonight is the big night, the day the iPad Air 2 is set to be unveiled to the world. If you’re too excited to wait for the various news organisations to publish full write-ups of the event, you can watch the event live from 6pm this evening.

To watch the event on an Apple device you can watch it live on Apple’s website.

Irritatingly Apple’s own stream will not work on Windows, Android, or Linux devices, so if you’re stuck with one of those you’re going to have to catch a live stream somewhere else.  One can be found here, but it comes with the obvious disadvantage of live commentary. That being said it might be beneficial to some, and it’s better than no stream at all.

For the iPhone event there was a way to stream the event directly to VLC player, but so far the link to do so has not been revealed. If it becomes available I’ll update this with clear instructions on how to do it.

Tom Pritchard