B&O Play enters the Bluetooth speaker market with the BeoPlay A2

B&O PLAY has today unveiled its first ever Bluetooth speaker, the BeoPlay A2, and at a much more affordable price than its usual speakers too (although still pretty expensive).

The BeoPlay A2 is also the world’s first omni-directional sound solution for a flat speaker, which, according to B&O, ensures that everyone listening can enjoy equally good sound, no matter where the speaker is placed in the room, which sounds pretty cool, but we’d have to hear it to believe it.

B&O claims that the BeoPlay A2 lasts up to 24 hours on a single battery charge. This is due to the ‘Adaptive Power Management’ feature in the rechargeable battery, that both monitors and anticipates the incoming audio signal in order to save battery life, and feed the exact amount of power needed by the amplifiers when necessary.

Unsurprisingly, considering B&O are known for their beautiful-looking speaker, we really like the simplistic look of the BeoPlay A2, designed by Cecilie Manz, and the addition of a short leather strap to carry around the Bluetooth speaker is a lovely touch.

Cecile said: “BeoPlay A2 was designed for a life on the go – and that has influenced every aspect of the speaker in terms of its design. There is no front, there is no back – and there is no up or down, but there’s sound everywhere.”

The BeoPlay A2 is available in grey, green and black, for £299 from the B&O website.

Hayley Minn