A ‘birthday suit’ morphsuit? Gimme a break

In the latest addition to their infamous collection, the recently rebranded MorphCostumes have teamed up with Faux Real Apparel to create their most ludicrous costume yet: the ‘birthday suit’.

In the embodiment of pure ridiculousness, the naked man morphsuit, complete with censored nether region, has arrived just in time for Hallowe’en. Great, that’s my outfit sorted (not).

According to Digital Newsroom, Gregor Lawson, Co-founder of MorphCostumes, commented: ‘Gone are the days where you actually have to strip off at a party to cause a scene – now you can streak in the comfort of a skin-tight costume.’

Er, right. Because when I’m partying, all I really want is to be a barenakedlady. Except, oh wait – MorphCostumes don’t currently offer a female version. Shame.

Evidently, there’s been a bit of a reaction on Twitter.

That’s what I want to know, too.

Anyway, congratulations, MorphCostumes! You’ve have come up with a socially acceptable way of getting naked. If for some reason you want to buy one, go here and go wild.

Sadie Hale