10 frightfully good Halloween make-up video tutorials

MWAHAHA. That’s the evil laugh you’ll be doing come Halloween, when you’ve painted yourself up into something dazzlingly original and everyone else has just worn devil horns and glitter again.

We’ve rounded up 10 of the spookiest, ookiest Halloween make-up tutorials on YouTube. Try them… if you DARE.

Mexican sugar skull

Turn Halloween into Day of the Dead with a floral-garlanded sugar skull. There are plenty online to choose from, but this gorgeously gruesome one by Smashin Beauty is our favourite (by which we mean, it’s quite easy).


Lily Munster

Everyone will think of Morticia Addams, so opt for TV’s other favourite undead matriarch instead. Bonus fact: a Halloween grey streak was how Caitlin Moran found her signature hairdo.


American Horror Story nun

A modern reference destined to become a Halloween classic, the white nun from American Horror Story: Asylum scores top points for being equal parts terrifying and easy. Just be sure to take it off before you hit the pillow.


Doctor Who weeping angel

DON’T BLINK. DON’T EVER BLINK. Although that might make putting on the eye make-up quite difficult.


Red Riding Hood’s wolf

Another brilliant creation from MadeYewLook. Why would you dress up as Red Riding Hood when you could be the big, bad wolf instead – and still wear a fierce red cloak?


Unzipped face

If your Halloween effort levels extend to buying liquid latex and cutting up an old zip, this is a killer effect to try at home.


Ursula from The Little Mermaid

There will probably be more than a few Maleficents out and about this year, so give Ursula a spin instead. This tutorial from BrittanyCouturexo is brilliantly effective – though she stops just short of using a mussel as a lipstick.


Jessica Rabbit

If you must be a sexy rabbit for Halloween, here’s how to do it right…


The Queen of Hearts

Helena Bonham Carter’s back catalogue was basically MADE for fancy dress inspiration. Try her Queen of Hearts incarnation to stand out in the sea of Corpse Brides and Mrs Lovetts – plus blue eyeshadow is on-trend, so that’s a bonus.

Black and white

We all know black and white filters are the most flattering, so why not go thoroughly vintage and apply one to your face?

Lauren Bravo

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