Windows Phone 9 could launch in January

So it’s official, something to do with the future of Windows is going to be announced on the 3oth September as a special event hosted by Microsoft. While most people are focussing on the possibility of Windows 9, the announcement of Windows Phone 9 alongside it is a distinct possibility.

But if not, sources are claiming that the Windows Phone 9 tech preview could go live in January, allowing people who are already sick of Windows Phone 8.1 to get an upgrade and see what the next version of Microsoft’s mobile software is all about. Those are unnamed sources speaking to NokiaPowerUser by the way, which means that we can’t know for sure how credible their information actually is.

In case you were wondering about compatibility, the sources claim that all Windows Phone 8 devices will be able to upgrade to the new system. All of them? Sounds a little bit fishy if you ask me.

So far rumours about Windows Phone 9 have been few and far between, in fact the only thing we think we know is that there is a distinct possibility that the software will be merged with Windows 9, or the new version of Windows RT. The latter seems more likely since having one dedicated platform for phones and tablets actually makes some sort of sense.

We might here more on the 30th, we might not. What we do know is that big changes are likely coming to Windows, and it’ll be exciting to see them happen.

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Tom Pritchard


  • Windows Phone 9 will not “launched” in January. Some kind of preview or beta will be available to select people (or all developers) then. Not sure if anyone is really sick of WP 8.1 since it has only been available for a couple of months and still to be released for others. But, I do hope Microsoft gives some insight into what is going on with WinRT OS, WP, and modern apps.

  • your use of the nokia X phone is just bad journalism. you should show images that relate to your topic… aka, use a windows phone if your going to be talking about it.

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