Will Clippet be the future of news?

Clippet has released an app this week aiming to revolutionise the way young people find out their daily news.

The app delivers 20 news stories a day in ‘clippets’ of less than 60 seconds each, 10 at 7am, and 10 at 5.30pm, breaking the news down into bite-size chunks, so that they’re easily understandable, and delivering them at times that suit the app’s users.

Clippet has made sure that the service will be available offline via a playlist function, as well as via streaming, and each clippet then contains an explore feature to enable the user to read more stories relevant to the piece.

Grace Regan, 23, editor-in-chief and co-founder of Clippet commented: ‘We had to create Clippet because we felt existing media companies just weren’t engaging with young people. They were leaving us behind.

‘The language used, the length of the articles, the layout – they just aren’t right for our generation. We’re multi–taskers and audio allows users to stay truly mobile.’

With the newspaper industry supposedly dying out, could this app be the start of the future of news?

Clippet is available to download from Google Play and the App Store.

Disclosure: shinyshiny.tv’s parent company, Sutro Digital, has been working alongside the Clippet team for the launch of its app. 

Hayley Minn