This simple chip will being 3G to the tiniest of devices

3G connectivity is a marvel, allowing internet access wirelessly even without a physical connection. 3G itself is in a great many devices, but this tiny chip could put it into even more.

And I really mean tiny chip, The U-blox SARA-U260 is 16mm x 26mm, and while it’s able to handle voice calls it can also process 3G signals into internet connectivity and can use a combination of cellular data and GPS to geolocate indoors.

3G itself may not offer the fastest internet speeds available, but it has had over a decade to expand its coverage quite considerably. 4G may be faster, but 4G isn’t universally available and slower internet sure as hell beats no internet at all.

the U260 has been certified by AT&T in the US, which means that it could start popping up in devices relatively soon. Who knows, maybe a small 3G chip means there’ll be more room for a bigger battery? We can only hope.

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Tom Pritchard