Apple has stopped supporting iOS 7

iOS 8 is out, and despite some problems with certain updates it seems Apple is well and truly dedicated to ensuring that iPhone and iPad users transfer over to the new software because it’s stopped supporting iOS 7.

So what does this mean for iOS users? Very little. If you’ve upgraded to iOS 8 already it means that you can’t downgrade to iOS 7 again. If you’re still using iOS 7 it doesn’t mean a thing.

It makes some sort of sense that Apple would go down this route at some point, but seeing as iOS 8 has been far from perfect it’s a little surprising that they’ve gone down this road so soon. It does mean that any issues with iOS 8 updates in future does mean that there are fewer options for temporary fixes.

For now, at least iOS 8.0.2 is relatively stable and isn’t preventing people from making any calls.

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Tom Pritchard