Reviveaphone saved the world’s first iPhone 6 after it was dropped into a pitcher of beer!

Everyone knows that iPhones and liquid just don’t get on, and, considering rain killed my iPhone 5c recently, leaving me phoneless for about a month, as it’s the one thing that Apple won’t fix for free, I, along with everyone else, I’m sure, was really hoping the iPhone 6 would be waterproof. Unfortunately, it’s not, but, if this Youtube video is anything to go by, it doesn’t actually matter.

This video shows a guy travelling to Australia to buy the world’s first iPhone 6 (because of time difference, and all that), only to then go and purposely drop it into a pitcher of beer, and leaving it there until it dies. He then proceeds to use Reviveaphone to save his phone’s life, and, after 24 hours, it works perfectly. It’s pretty amazing to watch, especially as I was so sceptical beforehand, and now I’m really wishing I knew about what seems like a magic product when my phone died a sad death.

The repair kit costs £14.99 and can be bought from the Reviveaphone website.



Hayley Minn