Microsoft has officially unveiled it’s own streaming stick

Whether it’s Roku, Chromecast, or something else entirely, the device-to-TV streaming industry is booming. Unlike Apple who seem to be ignoring their own hardware, Microsoft isn’t going to let this slip it by. The company yesterday announced its own streaming stick, known only as the ‘Wireless Display Adaptor’.

That’s a bit of a clunky name, sure, but at least its not  direct rip-off of what’s already available. Unlike Chromecast or Roku, Microsoft’s stick doesn’t rely on compatible apps, in fact it’s more focussed on wirelessly mirroring or extending computer screens onto another HDMI enabled display — like a TV.

The downside is that it isn’t universally compatible, and will only work with Miracast-enabled devices like Windows 8.1 PCs and tablets. That does, however, mean that while iOS devices won’t work at all, Miracast enabled Android and Windows Phone devices will be able to mirror their displays onto a larger screen.

The only real issue is that Microsoft’s stick is a tad more expensive than the likes of Chromecast, costing $60 (£37 plus tax and localisation costs). Its also not available for pre-order outside the US just yet. Some have speculated that the price means Microsoft are focussing more on business customers than consumers, but there’s no real evidence of that just yet. Despite this, it’s still a darn sight cheaper than any other HDMI-enabled mirroring/screen extension devices that are currently available.

The device will be available to buy in the US during October. While there is no word of an international release just yet, it will probably be wuite easy to import one of you want it that badly.

Tom Pritchard