Phones 4U will not be refunding iPhone 6 pre-orders

In another piece of bad news for the failing high street chain, and contrary to previous statements, Phones 4U has announced that it will not be refunding customers who pre-ordered iPhone 6s and paid up front for the device.

It has sent an email out to affected customers, informing them to get in touch with their credit card companies to try and have the charges reversed. To make matters worse the person(s) who sent the email clearly doesn’t understand the concept of BCC because all email addresses of affected customers are visible.

Sadly anybody who paid in cash is unlikely to ever see their money back, nor will they be getting an iPhone 6 as recompense.

The company hasn’t revealed why this is the case, and considering Phones 4U was doing quite well for itself before Vodafone and EE severed ties so it’s rather an odd thing to happen. Then again, a disclaimer from administrators PricewaterhouseCoopers implies that Phones 4U owes a number of people money, and for some reason the consumers are right are not considered high priority.

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Tom Pritchard

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