Phones 4U has confirmed all iPhone 6 pre-orders are cancelled

Sadly, high street phone chain Phones 4U has gone into administration, putting its future into jeopardy. While there will be no negative repercussions on people who have contracts through the company, it turns out that anyone who ordered an iPhone 6 is having their order cancelled.

In a statement to The Huffington Post UK, a Phones 4U spokesperson said that any iPhone 6’s that have not yet been dispatched will be cancelled, and customers will receive a full refund. The Phones 4U homepage has sine been replaced with a list of customer support numbers for customers trying to figure out what’s going on

Unfortunate since Phones 4U has yet to ship any iPhone 6s, it seems that pretty much everyone who ordered an iPhone 6 with the company is going to have to source their phone from elsewhere. This most likely means that those people will not be receiving their phone on the day of release, unless they manage to get a decent place in an Apple Store queue.

Phones 4U has apologised for the inconvenience in what seems to be anunfortunate addition to an unfortunate story that seems to have all come down to a case of poor timing.

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Tom Pritchard

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