People don’t want Microsoft phones, asks Microsoft to use the ‘Lumia’ name instead

Yesterday we heard that Microsoft might be ditching the Nokia brand name on its future smartphone offerings, presumably in favour of the ‘Lumia’ moniker instead. Well leaked photos have put that assumption into doubt, and people aren’t particularly happy about it.

What do you think of when you hear the name Microsoft? Bill Gates, Windows PCs, and maybe the Xbox. You don’t really think of phones and the people who have launched petitions against the ‘Microsoft phone’ would probably like to keep it that way, suggesting that Microsoft sticks with the Lumia brand that it has full ownership over.

One commenter said the following, “the branding of the Microsoft phones should say Lumia in front not Microsoft. It looks really ugly and the name is too long. Lumia is just right and its a cool name,” while others have suggested that the Microsoft name sounds rather ‘old’ and too serious for many people. Clearly people need Microsoft need people to be more ‘down with the kids’ and choose a name that’s cool and hip.

Some of them do have a point, Microsoft doesn’t really have the right ring to it for a phone, especially since it’s better known for other things. Plus the acquisition deal with Nokia ensured that Microsoft owns the exclusive rights to the Lumia name, so why ditch it after less than a year?

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Tom Pritchard