New Zealanders could reserve a place in the iPhone 6 queue with a giant emoji

Queuing for a new piece of tech is a time-honoured tradition that has continued into the age of same-day home delivery for some reason. While some people were willing to pay nearly £600 for a spot in the iPhone 6 queue, New Zealand has got it right by letting people reserve their spots.

It’s quiet an ingenious system really. Retail chain Spark allowed people to reserve their spot in the iPhone 6 queue using a giant cardboard emoji. All you had to do is turn up on the day is turn up, tag in, and wait for their turn. People whose place was near the front of the front of the queue were notified so that they could get to the store quickly.

The system probably isn’t perfect, but it sure as hell beats waiting outside the Apple Store for two weeks waiting for the phone to go on sale. This way you can be safe in the knowledge that you will be able to get an iPhone 6 on launch day, while sleeping in the comfort of your own home.

But we British people generally think of ourselves as the masters of queuing, so why didn’t we think of this?

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Tom Pritchard