Motorola opens Moto Maker to UK customers

The other day Motorola announced that it would be selling phones directly to UK customers, rather than using third parties, and part of that new venture would mean UK customers would be able to customise the design of their Moto X handsets when it became available for pre-order. That feature is now live.

Better know as Moto Maker, it’s a service for people buying a Moto X from Motorola itself to customise the phone’s design so that it suits them. Most of this involves colour and purely aesthetic designs, but you can also customise how much storage space your phone will have, if you want a message engraving, and whether or not you want it to be made out of metal, plastic, leather, or wood.

Of course, not all of these choices are complimentary. Upgrading to 32GB of internal memory, for instance, will cost you an extra £40. Having a leather or wooden back panel will cost you an extra £20. That being said, things like changing colour, having a personalised welcome screen, and having your phone automatically connect to your Google Sync account comes at no extra cost.

Personalising your phone is nothing new, but it’s very rare for a manufacturer to give customers this much freedom when placing their orders. In fact it gives that extra little incentive for users to buy their phones directly from Motorola, rather than going through the likes of Amazon.

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Tom Pritchard