Leaked iPad Air 2 images have a strange new hole

We’ve heard so much about the iPhone 6, 6Plus, and the Apple Watch over the past few months that the upgraded version of the iPad 2 has fallen out of the limelight. But now that those three products are out in the open, we should expect to hear an awful lot more about the new iPads starting with these leaked pictures of the chassis.

These new photos don’t seem to have anything out of the ordinary until you notice the small hole next to where the device’s camera should be, and we have no idea what it’s for.

This being the internet, a number of theories have popped up trying to explain the new ‘mystery hole’. The proximity to the camera has meant a lot of people are coming up with theories that involve the camera. These range from something that helps take stable photos, the long-awaited LED flash, and even laser assisted focus.

In all honesty we just don’t know right now, and we likely won’t be until Apple announces the new device or we see some hardware leaks. What we do know is that Apple really shouldn’t be encouraging people to take photos on tablets.

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Tom Pritchard

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