The latest Chrome Canary build has an endless runner hidden away

It’s never fun to lose your internet connection, and while Chrome has the once-amusing image of the T-rex to indicate that your connection has gone it still isn’t any sort of comfort. The latest build of Chrome Canary adds a little extra in the form of an endless runner.

Spotted by Francis Beaufort, the endless runner allows you to take control of the little digital T-rex by pressing the space bar whenever the error page pops up. The whole purpose of the game is to jump over all the cacti and collect as many points as possible.

Sadly refreshing the page resets the game, and your high-score isn’t saved. So make sure you make a note of everything before you continue onto new things.

It’s no substitute for full access to the internet, but it’s something interesting to keep yourself occupied when the network is down or playing up.

Tom Pritchard