Apple confirms iOS 8.0.2 will be released in the next few days

Apple may have pulled iOS 8.0.1 after it was discovered that the update affects how TouchID works and stops network service. It has, however, revealed that iOS 8.0.2 is in the works and will be released as soon as it’s ready. The aim is for that to be within the next couple of days.

It’s unclear what the new version will fix, but considering iOS 8.0.1 was designed to fix issues with HealthKit and third party keyboards, it is likely that iOS 8.0.2 will cover that, just without ruining the phone in the process.

Apple has recommended that in the meantime you downgrade from iOS 8.0.1 back to iOS 8. This involves backing up your data and reverting back to the older version within iTunes.

Let’s just hope that this new version will be a bit more stable than iOS 8.0.1 has been.

Tom Pritchard