The HTC One M8 Eye might have dual 13MP cameras

The HTC One M8 is a fantastic phone, there’s no doubt about that, but it still seems to be lagging behind the competition when it comes to the camera. If the rumours are true then a new version of the phone may be released, one that improves the One M8’s camera resolution from 4MP to 13MP.

Megapixels and resolution aren’t the only things that make a camera good, and our own review points out that the One M8 does perform incredibly well in low-light areas thanks to HTC’s ‘Ultrapixel’ technology. Similarly the dual-cameras allow for a whole host of bonus photography options. So imagine what it would be like with a small resolution boost.

Unfortunately the M8 Eye doesn’t have Ultrapixel, or at least that’s what the folks at Phandroid are saying. But, unlike the HTC One Mini 2 or the One E8 the extra resolution isn’t without the advantages of the dual camera sensor. Essentially this means that the M8 Eye should be able to perform all the post-shot edits that the One M8 can do. It just means that it might be as great in low-light settings.

HTC has hinted that photography is a big part of the event it’s holding on 8th October in New York, and it could be that if these rumours are true the company will be announced the M8 Eye to the world. The 8th is just over a week away, which means we don’t have long to wait. That being said, HTC has been prone to serious leaks in the past so don’t be surprised if we hear more about the M8 Eye in the next few days.

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Tom Pritchard

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