Google has hinted at the Android Lollipop name in the least subtle way imaginable

So when Google announced the latest iteration of Android at I/O back in June they revealed it only as ‘Android L’. This has led to a lot of speculation over the past few months over what the name is, Lollipop? Lemon Meringue Pie? Lion Bar? We’ve heard rumours and speculation, and now Google has thrown us what might be a little hint. As you can see it’s about as subtle as a horse on roller skates.

The search giant posted a GIF to celebrate its 16th birthday featuring a cake. Not just any cake, though, it’s a cake adorned with lollipops instead of candles. So it looks like Android Lollipop might just be what we have to look forward to.

Ok it doesn’t mention Android in any way, but it can’t be a coincidence. Google will be well aware that fanboys, journalists, and rumour mongers are going a teensy big mad over the speculation over the name, and this little hint will no doubt go a long way.

But since Google is well aware of that it could be going the other way, and it’s doing this on purpose in order to troll the masses. Now you have me doubting myself Google, well played.

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Tom Pritchard