HTC headset leak shows us why we should be sceptical of all rumours and leaks

Whenever we see a rumour we should always be sceptical, no matter how believable or amazing it might seem. A recent leak that claimed that they knew of an HTC headset that would rival Google Glass and could be controlled by thoughts is the perfect example of this, and why we should be wary about what we read online.

The ‘leak’ came from Portuguese site 4GNews who claimed to have insider information that HTC was working on the headset that featured a HUD display, a camera, and a feature that would allow you to control the device with your thoughts. Of course this sounds amazing and very science fiction and sure as hell beats the voice control included in Google Glass.

This information came with a picture of what is supposedly one of HTC’s labs. Slashgear got suspicious at how basic the ‘lab’ was and did some investigating. It turns out that it’s not one of HTC’s labs at all — it’s a stock photo of some physiological equipment. If the leak hasn’t got that right it probably hasn’t been accurate about anything else either.

HTC could well be working on devices that are controlled by brainwaves, but chances are they aren’t so far along that the device’s design has been modelled out. I can’t imagine it would look like a Bluetooth headset from ten years ago either. So remember everyone, never, ever, take something on the internet as face value unless it comes from a reliable source, and the most reliable sources are the companies themselves.


Tom Pritchard