Gmail no longer forces you to sign up for Google+

Let’s be honest with ourselves for a minute. Gmail is incredibly popular, and Google+ is generally considered less favourable than the plague. Until recently new Gmail users have been forced to create a G+ account at the same time, having to delete it later if they decided they didn’t want to use the service. Luckily Google has stopped forcing people into having both, and now you can have Gmail all by itself.

Now when prompted to sign up for G+ when you make a Gmail account the ‘No thanks’ option is available for you to tick. Apparently it’s clicked in the mind of the Google hierarchy that nobody likes G+, and forcing them into it is not going to help anyone whatsoever.

Previously Google+ was needed to do a great many things that Google offered. Whether that was commenting on Youtube, leaving a review on the Google Play store, or even using Hangouts. But it seems that Google has now realised that trying to force people to use a service they don’t want to use is only going to annoy them and make them angry, and the company has slowly been removing cases of mandatory G+ integration.

Of course nothing is stopping you from signing up for Google+ is you actually want to use it. It might not be as popular as the likes of Facebook or Twitter, but it does have a very dedicated user base who will love it until the end of time.

Tom Pritchard


  • I’m sure the 300+ million Active users would disagree with this “Google+ is generally considered less favourable than the plague.”

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