Fresh Air Plus: This smart toilet seat will eliminate odours from your stinky bathroom

This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Fresh Air Plus.

Here at shinyshiny we come across products, apps and services everyday that aim to make our lives easier and answer some of those niggling, age-old questions, like how can I get fitter with the help of my phone? And how do I make my home more connected? Well today a new Kickstarter project has launched that aims to answer a question that’s just as important, but a little more… well…. embarrassing: How do I stop my bathroom smelling so gross?

Yep that’s right. Fresh Air Plus is a smart toilet seat that aims to change the world by making our bathroom trips less… erm… well… stinky. There, we said it.

Adam Payz, the brains behind Fresh Air Plus, promises that the device can eliminate all nasty odours from your toilet trips with the help of a built-in fan, which sucks smells our through a hose that’s connected up to the traditional ventilation points inside your bathroom.

This all sounds a little bit too much effort to suck smells out of our bathrooms. Can’t we just all accept the fact that everybody poops? (Remember when John Hamm imparted these LOL-worthy words of wisdom about farting and pooping?) But the team behind Fresh Air Plus promises that the system can be fitted fairly easily. You just remove your old toilet seat, put the sparkly and smell-free Fresh Air Plus in its place and hook everything up to your current ventilation pipes.

In case you were wondering, the device looks very similar to a regular toilet seat, but a little more futuristic with sparkling lights to presumably add a bit more fun to your bathroom trips and distract you from the fact there’s a big fan placed right underneath your butt.


Payz believes that the Fresh Air Plus will make our bathrooms smell pleasant, put a stop to uncomfortable conversations with your friends, families and partners and make us all much more happier in the process:

‘To me, it’s a no-brainer that we should have something better for dealing with bathroom odours.

‘We’re living in a society where technology does amazing things, yet we’re still using archaic methods like air fresheners when it comes to masking nasty bathroom smells. We believe that Fresh Air Plus is a more efficient way to take care of embarrassing bathroom odours.’

Maybe Payz is right? We’re making everything else in our lives much more techie and effective, so why not streamline and smarten up our toilet trips too? Well, regardless of whether Fresh Air Plus revolutionises our bathrooms or not, it’ll at least top our ‘most unusual Kickstarter projects EVER’ lists for years to come.

The Fresh Air Plus launches on Kickstarter today, so head on over to the project’s dedicated page to make a pledge. For the first 100 backers, the Fresh Air Plus can be purchased for around £110, which bags you a Fresh Air Plus of your own and the opportunity to support the revolution for fresher bathrooms, happier noses and more blissful relationships (we’re not making any promises on that front). After the early bird special expires, the standard cost is around £120.

To find out more about Fresh Air Plus, visit the product’s Kickstarter page.

Becca Caddy

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