More features rumoured for the Retina Macbook Air

A Retina display Macbook Air has been rumoured for a very long time, but the latest batch mention some interesting features that all stem from the device having a complete redesign.

This news comes from Jack March who claims that the new Macbook will not only have a retina display, it will also be noticeably thinner because it doesn’t have any cooling fans. How is this possible you might ask? That would be down to the Intel Core M processor which is supposed to offer increased performance and power efficiency without so much left over heat. Less heat means less need for a fan to get rid of it all.

The report also indicates that the bezel will be almost non existent, similar to the Macbook Pro, the speaker will be visible, and that the Mag-Safe charging technology will be ditched in favour of something totally new. That last point is interesting, especially since Apple has made a big deal about Mag-Safe and how much safer it is compared to a standard power cable.

The final point of note is that Apple is reportedly replacing the USB ports with the new reversible Type-C USB ports for better ease of use.

When you hear all that it does sound rather interesting, but whether we’ll actually see any of it in the next iteration of the Macbook Air has yet to be seen.

Tom Pritchard