Adverts will appear on Instagram from today

Adverts are the necessary evil in the internet world, without them we’d have to pay for everything individually and despite how we might hate them we have to accept them. Instagram is following the example from people like Facebook and Google, launching adverts that will appear in the UK version of the service from today.

This is following the successful launch of adverts in the American version of Instagram last year, and brands such as Cadbury, Starbucks, Channel 4, Rimmel London, Sony Music, Estée Lauder, and Waitrose will be advertising their products through the photo-based service.

Sadly these won’t just be picture adverts, as video adverts will be appearing throughout the service as it is rolled out to UK users. If it’s any consolation, each advert will be clearly marked as sponsored so you don’t have to worry about mistaking an advert for something someone has posted themselves.

The final point to mention is that there will be a form of personalisation with the adverts, and if you find something particularly offensive you can choose to hide it. From the feedback you give, the service will be able to work out what adverts are better suited to you and will show you more appropriate advertising in the future.

Tom Pritchard