Facebook’s ‘Moments’ app is for private sharing

Reports indicate that Facebook is developing a new app that will allow its users to share content with small groups of people. According to TechCrunch, this app is to be called ‘Moments’ and is designed to address the issue with user privacy on the social network.

Apparently the app is currently being tested by Facebook employees, and is designed to share content with small groups of people, such as family or close friends, without having to spend a lot of time fiddling about with privacy settings. Sources indicate that it is designed to compete with Cluster, a similar app that lets users create areas for sharing content, allowing them to pick and choose who actually gets to see that content.

Facebook has refused to comment on the rumours, and it’s currently unclear whether this would a stand-alone app like Messenger and Slingshot, or whether it would be part of the larger Facebook experience.

Although, in all honesty, wouldn’t it just be easier for Facebook to make the privacy setting and sharing options in its service easier for everyone to understand, rather than creating a brand new app to counteract that?

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Tom Pritchard