Certain parts of Scotland won’t be getting the iPhone 6 on launch day

There certainly have been a lot of people looking forward to the iPhone 6, and with the release day only seven days away the wait is almost over. Unless you live in certain parts of Scotland, in which case you’ll have to wait an extra 3-6 days for your phone to arrive according to this graphic from the folks over at Apple. Bummer.


If you happen to live in the area that’s shaded with dark blue then you’re fine, provided you get your order in on time you’ll have your shiny new iPhone delivered to you next Friday. If you live in the light blue areas, you’re going to have to wait a bit longer.

Obviously Edinburgh, Aberdeen, and Glasgow, Scotland’s three biggest cities, are unaffected by this which implies that the issue is due to actually getting the deliveries to people who live in the more remote areas than Apple being deliberately cruel to the Scottish and Manx people.

Sadly if you are living in a remote area, it’s not like you can take a trip down to your nearest Apple Store either. Unless you’re willing to travel a distance and turn it into some sort of road trip.

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Tom Pritchard