Apple has approved the first 4K video app, and it only costs £700

1080p just doesn’t cut it anymore, nowadays it’s not interesting unless it’s 4K. Especially when you’re talking about video recording. While the likes of the Sony Xperia Z3 have 4K recording built in, some phones aren’t so lucky. The iPhone 5S was one of those phones, but now that Apple has approved the first 4K video recording app that’s no longer the case.

Vizzywig claims to be the world first mobile 4K video capture, editing, and distribution app, but we’re going to have to ask for some clarification on that. It is, however, the first one to be made available on an iPhone, so they have that going for them which is nice. Oh, and it only costs a tiny, minuscule £700 to purchase. And there was you thinking paying less than £1 for Angry Birds was a rip off eh?

But provided you have the cash, and don’t upgrade to iOS 8, the app is all yours to play with. You might be wondering how this app manages to capture 4K video on a phone with an 8MP camera. Well, the thing about 4K video is that its not actually filming video, it it in fact snapping 24 pictures every second and then compiling it into a video. Seems complicated, but that’s how you get create 4K on a device that isn’t really capable of supporting it.

If you really, really need to be able to capture 4K video then I still can’t justify this price. The upcoming Xperia Z3 costs about a third less than this app, and you get a bunch of extra features like waterproofing thrown in. Every if you don’t want the Xperia as a phone, then its still cheaper. But hey, it’s up to you. Who am I to judge if you want to blow £700 on an app for a phone that’s about to become obsolete.

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Tom Pritchard