AirVR makes virtual reality extra ridiculous by strapping an iPad to your face

Virtual reality is really kicking off, what with the Samsung Gear VR and the Oculus Rift available for anyone to buy. Now you might think that VR is pretty silly looking, and it can be to some. It’s nowhere near as silly as the AirVR, however, which literally straps an iPad Mini to your face.

For 49 Canadian dollars (£27)  you can get your hands on a kit via Kickstarter. The kit involves a strap for your iPad (or iPhone 6 Plus), and comes with two lenses so that you can focus on the large screen that is only a few centimetres from your face.

While using mobile devices in the virtual reality experience is nothing new, previous attempts were at least rather subtle about it. There’s no way you could argue that the AirVR is anything but strapping an iPad to your face, and it just looks ridiculous.

If you really want a mobile VR experience, you’re probably better waiting for the Gear VR and wearing something with a bit of classy design and a bit more subtly. Not that the Gear VR is actually that subtle.

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Tom Pritchard