UK launch – Toymail lets parents send messages to their kids through a toy

Forget emails and phone calls – parents can now communicate with their children via a toy.

After a Kickstarter project which reached its fundraising target easily, Toymail has been successful in the States and launches in the UK today. It’s described as ‘a combination of voicemail and email, only infinitely more accessible, interactive and fun’.

It works by recording a voice or type-written message using the free smartphone app (iPhone-compatible, Android version coming soon), which is then transmitted via the toy in the child’s home. Connected to WiFi, the toy makes a noise to alert the child that he or she has a message and subsequently reads it out, either in a funny voice or in the sender’s own voice. Children can then reply directly, and multiple senders can get involved using their own devices.

There’s also an option of signing up for ‘The Daily Toymailer’ and the Mailmen will address children by name, as well as delivering morning greetings full of jokes, news, fun facts, stories and songs. 

This could be a fun, if slightly bizarre, way of communicating in a world where people are always on the hunt for excitement. No doubt it will be a hit with the kids!

Toymail is priced at £49.99 and can be pre-ordered via Firebox.

Sadie Hale