Uber may soon run your errands for you with ‘corner store’ service

Uber has nearly conquered the globe with its super efficient, super easy on-demand taxi app and now it wants to make our lives even easier by helping us run all of our errands as well as helping us to get from A to B when we’re tired, lazy or in a rush.

According to The Next Web, Uber will today begin experimenting with a product delivery service called ‘corner store’. It’ll be rolled out to Washington D.C. residents initially, presumably as a testing ground to see how this kind of useful, yet decadent, delivery service will work IRL.

Those living in the right zones will soon see a separate part of the Uber app called ‘corner store’. They’ll need to click that in order to select a location, a driver and the products they’d like to have delivered. The corner store inventory list has been published on the Uber blog and features emergency items, like medication, allergy relief and condoms, as well as the less necessary essentials, like gift bags, conditioner and beauty products.

This isn’t the first time Uber has experimented with delivery services, but we can see this handy errand-running, medication-delivering service really catching on, especially in areas where people are time poor and cash rich.

Becca Caddy

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