‘Text Neck’ is a real thing, and you should be worried, according to doctors

If you’re constantly texting friends from your phone, beware, as you could be giving yourself a condition called ‘text neck’, according to doctors. However, an app, Text Neck Indicator, can stop it.

Chiropractic physician, Dr. Dean Fishman claims that the craning of our neck, as we text is damaging our posture and contorting the way our bodies grow, and even has X-ray images to prove it.

It seems that, in people who suffer from ‘text neck’, the first few bones in their cervical spine bend forward, which isn’t supposed to happen.

Dr. Fishman told Fox News that ‘text neck’ could lead to headaches, neck pains and even arthritis, and created Text Neck Indicator to tell users if the way they position their neck is harmful, in real time.

He said: “This technology gives you a green light in the top corner of your phone when you’re holding it at an acceptable viewing angle. If you drop it to an unacceptable viewing angle, it turns to a red light.”

Weirdly, the app is only available for Android users (this never happens!) so us iPhone users will just have to have sore ‘text neck’ for a bit longer.

Image via Mo Riza

Hayley Minn