Watch CGI transform a model’s face in this mesmerising video

Many of you will probably have seen some amazing displays of CGI and projection mapping on YouTube or even in the flesh (here are some great examples if you’re none the wiser). But most of these are on the sides of iconic buildings or store fronts. What about if you took this clever tech to our faces?

Well, that’s exactly what Nobumichi Asai has set out to do. According to Gizmodo, the digital artist is all too used to projecting his creations onto cars, docks and buildings, but this time he wanted a bigger challenge.

Watch the video above as Asai uses a clever mixture of tracking tech and CGI to transform the model’s face as she slowly moves in front of the camera. At first it starts off like digital make-up and looks eerily beautiful, but then it turns into so much more…


Becca Caddy