SOUNDSIGHT has solved all life’s problems with camera headphones

When cameras began to be built into our phones, we thought that was it. Where else did a camera need to be placed to make it any more convenient? Well, it turns out our headphones, that’s where!

SOUNDSIGHT has released a pair of headphones with an on-board camera that instantly captures video and audio, meaning you don’t have to take the time to get your phone out of your pocket and get the camera app up, because, you know, that takes SO MUCH EFFORT!

The Bluetooth-enabled headphones work primarily as headphones, with studio quality audio, rear acoustic volume and noise-cancelling earcups. However, the devices also come with a six-microphone arrray and a HD camera located on the right earpad.

With just the tap of a button, wearers can begin recording whatever they’re seeing or hearing. The camera is located on an adjustable ring around the earpad, enabling vertical panning of up to 330°, and users can download the footage instantly to the SOUNDSIGHT app, where they can crop, trim and add effects, as well as send the clips to friends and family.

We can’t really see these headphones being used by anyone other than a DJ who wants to record the crowd and the atmosphere around while performing in a club, if we’re honest. Surely you’d have to get your phone out anyway to see what your headphones are recording? We’re confused.

The SOUNDSIGHT headphones are available to pre-order for $349. Do you think you’d buy them?

Hayley Minn