Sony is releasing a selfie camera shaped like a perfume bottle, for some reason

Everyday it seems we reach a new level of narcissism when it comes to selfies, and now Sony has gone one step further by creating a camera, specifically for selfies, that looks like a perfume bottle. Sadly, it doesn’t act like a perfume bottle though.

According to Engadget, Chinese girls have become accustomed to slapping a Chanel perfume bottle onto their phones, for some reason (although it does actually make the phone look really pretty!), and Sony has jumped on this, making their own branded selfie camera perfume bottle too.

Engadget says that the Cyber-shot camera will not only looks like a perfume bottle, but its big lens — encased in a clear brick with a gold accent — can also be flipped around to suit the needs of the user.

The camera, likely to come with WiFi and NFC connectivity, is rumoured to be launching on 22nd August, and Sony has put a teaser on its Chinese website for the camera, so we’re guessing that launch date is only for China.

Maybe we’ll see British girls with perfume bottles stuck on their phones soon too? If anything, it seems like a good way of recycling our empty bottles!

Hayley Minn