Who says you can’t look good running? 10 brands mixing fashion with function #RunningWeek

One of the biggest stepping stones when it comes to your first run is the thought of looking rubbish in your baggy old T-shirt, leggings and ugly worn-out trainers, but, with so many sport and fashion brands looking to put the FIT into your fitness gear, this shouldn’t be an excuse.

From Stella McCartney to H&M, anyone who’s anyone is starting to realise that activewear doesn’t have to be ugly, and, if anything, the chance to buy some new clothes should be an excuse to get you into running and doing exercise.

1) Stella McCartney for Adidas


Adidas and designer Stella McCartney first formed this majorly successful partnership way back in 2005, and is arguably the reason for fashion and sportswear becoming so in sync. The line combines function with fashion to create a range of clothes we’d be more than happy to be seen out and about running in.

2) Sweaty Betty


Sweaty Betty has a huge range of fitness clothes that are practical and stylish, but its running range specifically includes leggings and (waterproof) jackets with really fun matching prints, as well as socks to stop you from getting blisters, which we didn’t know were a thing, so have blown our mind, because who likes blisters?

3) Lulu Lemon


Another company with a wide range of sportswear; Lulu Lemon has some really gorgeous floral running shorts, which we’re lusting after, as well as some headbands and padded socks, because practicality. Oh, and it also stocks running skirts, which we’re not too sure about. Breeziness and skirts doesn’t agree with us even when we’re standing still, let alone when we’re running!

4) Asics


Ok, so Asics isn’t exactly known for stylishness over practicality, with its high-vis vests and lightweight backpacks, but it does sell some damn nice trainers we’d wear even when we weren’t running.

5) Puma


Puma just has a massive range of the most good-looking running trainers. We wouldn’t even know where to start in choosing which colour and style we want, but if you want your trainers to be bright and girly, but still really comfortable to run in, Puma is probably the best place to start.

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Hayley Minn

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