Philips will be the first TVs to feature Spotify Connect

It looks like Philips TVs are going to be the first to support Spotify Connect, as TP Vision announced its Android-powered range will get access to the streaming service from September.

Obviously, this service will mean that users can stream music from their mobile device through the TV, but, as Spotify Connect works through internet connection rather than Bluetooth, it means that playback will continue even if your phone is nowhere to be seen. It also means you can take a call, text and play Angry Birds (if you want) all while listening to your favourite playlist through your TV.

Global head of hardware partnerships at Spotify, Pascal de Mul said: “We believe that music should be accessible and playable from everywhere. I am delighted that we’re working together as partners on the next chapter, integrating Spotify Connect into Philips Smart TVs Powered by Android.”

While Spotify Connect is being made available on all Android-powered Philips TVs from September, you’ll also need a Spotify Premium account to take advantage of the feature.

Hayley Minn