Pact is the app that fines you ACTUAL money for not going to the gym or eating your greens

Do you, like a lot of other people out there (including us), have trouble sticking to your original plans to eat super-healthy and go to the gym, despite all your best efforts? Pact may be the app for you then!

Pact is a new fascinating app, where you pay the price, with ACTUAL money, for not completing your goals.

The app links to your PayPal account or debit card, and then you set up a ‘pact’ with the community, which could be anything from saying you’ll do a certain amount of exercise to saying you’ll eat certain foods, like fruit and vegetables. If you fulfil your pact, you earn money and if you flake out, you lose money. And yes, the money you earn does come from the people who decide to be lazy, so in some ways you’re going to want other people to be rubbish!

For food logging, Pact connects with My Fitness Pal and imports your food diary. Likewise, for workout tracking Pact connects with several different fitness tracking apps, including Jawbone UP, FitBit Flex, RunKeeper, and MapMyFitness with varying requirements for your workout to count. You can also use the Pact motion tracker to log a workout, or check in at your gym.

As for the fruits and veggies pact, upload a photo of your serving on your plate before you chow down, and the Pact community will vote on whether your fruit or veggie counts toward your pact. So yes, you’re putting your financial outcome in the hands of strangers, who gain money from your failure, although just six votes is enough to approve your fruit or veggie.

Each uneaten fruit or veg will cost you $5, and each missed workout or food log will cost you $10, which is pretty steep! However, if you’re the competitive type, or you just know that this is the extreme motivation you need, then Pact may be worth trying out.

Download Pact here for free.

Hayley Minn

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