Is ‘McMusic’ on the way? Fast food giant steps into digital market

It seems that McDonald’s wants its fingers in all the pies, with plans to go beyond the burgers and step into digital music.

As reported by CNBC, the fast food giant has just appointed its first ever U.S. vice president of digital, Julia Vander Ploeg – former executive of Ticketmaster – and intends to increase its digital presence with a range of as yet unannounced services, which seem to include music.

The company’s jobs website indicates further expansion, with advertisements seeking a product director of music and entertainment to ‘create the customer strategy and product roadmap for a variety of digital music and entertainment experiences that McDonald’s will provide to customers’. In addition, the fast-food chain wants to ‘reward [its] most enthusiastic customers and drive frequency’ with the establishment of ‘multi-channel music and emerging entertainment programs’.

It also advertises a position of release manager for e-commerce, which includes the McDonald’s global mobile ordering app. The app, released in June of this year, is currently being tested in selected parts of the U.S. and provides special deals to customers, as well as features to find the nearest McDonald’s restaurant and browse the menu.

With 70 million customers served daily across 119 countries, McDonald’s is a huge player in the field of fast food – and these plans could see it go ‘supersize’ before long.

mcd app

Main image via Mike Mozart at Flickrcc.

Sadie Hale