SoundCloud content creators could earn money from ads soon

One of the only music streaming sites left without ads, SoundCloud is now introducing them, in line with launching a new program for its content creators to make money – so good for content creators, but not great for listeners.

The new creator partner program on SoundCloud will have three tiers, Partner, Pro and Premier, but it looks like the Premier tier is only targeting Americans at the moment, and is only available by invite-only.

SoundCloud users in the US will start to see or hear occasional ads from the company’s brand partners, and more as it increases the number of ads, while content creators will take home half the revenue from the ads.

It probably won’t be too long until us Britons get the ad treatment though, as SoundCloud has promised that it will widen the program’s reach to more creators in more countries “as fast as we can.”

SoundCloud’s Partner tier is free and lets you share your first track, receive feedback and access basic stats, while the Pro level is a paid offering with more upload time than the lowest tier and detailed stats.

While this new service could annoy a lot of users, we don’t think it will turn them off completely, as, really Spotify has done amazingly well, and has always had adverts. This is nothing new.

Hayley Minn