Let’s all swoon over HP’s new luxury smartwatch

If you thought the Moto 360 was a work of wearable beauty, then check out this new smartwatch from a collaboration between HP and designer Michael Bastian. Pretty good-looking for a gadget, right?

Fashionista reports that the smartwatch came about after HP approached online retailer Gilt about the possibility of creating a luxury timepiece with the help of a fashion designer. Gilt put the tech company in touch with Michael Bastian and the rest is sleek, shiny wearable history.

As you can imagine, Bastian handled the design and HP handled the tech and initial reports suggest that the smartwatch will be compatible with both Android and iOS devices, serve up a range of different notifications to our wrists and allow users to browse basic stock and weather updates.

Although you can only see a part of the actual watch (and a little more in these sketches), you can tell it’s going to be much more fitting to the high-end, fashion market than any wearable we’ve seen in the past (OK, OK so maybe the Moto 360 and Withings Activité *might* stand a chance of appealing to the mainstream too). It’s worth noting that the gadget is being marketed as a men’s smartwatch, but that’s not going to stop us swooning given you could say most wearables are still made with men in mind at the moment – and us females just seem to be an afterthought.

According to Hype Beast, the smartwatch will come with its very own app, which will allow users to make changes to the gadget’s interface and customise a range of different features.

The luxury HP/Bastian watch is set to be sold on Gilt before Christmas, but there are no official details about price or colour options just yet.

Becca Caddy

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