Feast your eyes on the beautiful Moto 360 in this new video from Motorola

It’s the wearable EVERYONE’S talking about, because it’s the first gadget of its kind we’d actually wear. The Moto 360 caused a huge stir at the Google I/O developer conference earlier this week because it’s done away with the bulky, square-shaped face in favour of something circular and attractive (but unfortunately it was the only gadget to be running on Android Wear that hasn’t been given a release date).

But despite the fact we don’t know when we can order one, those who got to attend the conference were given plenty of hands-on time with the Moto 360. Jealous? US? Well don’t worry, because Motorola clearly sensed we’d all be dying to get a closer look at the 360 as it’s created a quick video that gives us a sneak peek at the wearable and how it works.

Check out the video above to see its beautiful sleek design, how the touchscreen works and how natural the custom watch faces look. But the big news here is that it’s on AN ACTUAL WOMAN’S ARM. That’s right, here’s a wearable that doesn’t drown out a female wrist and look like something the Borg would have attached to their limbs. Granted it’s definitely big, but it doesn’t look ridiculous on Cathay Bi, Motorola’s Head of Product Marketing, in this video. Not at all.

For more information check out the official Moto 360 website.

Becca Caddy

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