Apple rumours: No notification light, more leaked iPhone 6 photos, and HealthKit details

Those Apple rumours just keep coming, especially coming up to the iPhone 6′s rumoured launch window, and keeping up with them all is proving to be a difficult task. To keep you up to speed, here is today’s round-up of the biggest Apple rumours and news.

1. The iPhone 6 will reportedly not come with a light up logo

Previous rumours have suggested that the the logo on the back of the iPhone 6 will light up whenever the phone receives a notification, but now pictures and reports are indicating that this isn’t true. Photos reveal that Apple has purchased 600 standard logos and shipped them to its Chinese manufacturers, and they’re the same logos that have appeared on Apple handsets in the past. No LEDs, no power pins, just a plain old boring logo.

Why did the rumour come about in the first place? Who knows, maybe Apple was experimenting and we saw the prototype. Chances are we’ll never find out what happened behind closed doors, just what’s actually going to be included. [KnowYourMobile]

2. More photos of the iPhone’s backing leak

We’ve seen photo after photo after photo of the iPhone 6’s supposed case, and then some purporting to be the handset itself. For some reason these photos keep coming out, and they don’t dont show us anything new. Then again that does help confirm what the phone will actually be like.

The image above shows us pretty much what we’ve seen so far, including the protruding camera that makes little sense even now. In all likelihood this leak shows that the phone doesn’t have anything ground-breaking on the back case, meaning Apple will have to wow us with the internal features when announced day comes around. [TrustedReviews]

3. The first details about HealthKit’s rollout emerge

It’s the key feature in iOS 8, and one that many people are eagerly anticipating, but so far we haven’t heard anything about how the health features in HealthKit will actually work. Luckily the rumour mill gets hold of this information eventually, and now we have some of the (possible) details about what will be done with the app. The main feature is one that’s supposedly being tested in the US, and involves the phone automatically detecting something wrong, whether it be an illness or a physical condition, and telling the user they should make an appointment with the doctor.

Another is automatic integration with a patient’s medical records, and new information will sync automatically to services like MyChart, an electronic system that keeps track of patient details for medical professionals. [Forbes]

Tom Pritchard