20 Gadgets, apps and accessories to make your running experience better #RunningWeek (part two)

6. Woodside 2 Litre Hydration Pack


Another hydration pack, this one’s a little cheaper than the Camelbak but it’s still just as useful. It’s got the refillable water bladder and plenty of room to keep your things in, so if you’re going on a long run, or you just don’t want to carry your water in your hand, this is one for you to seriously consider.

Buy the Woodside 2 Litre Hydration Pack here.

7. Karrimor X Litre backpack

If a water bladder isn’t your thing, and you’d rather just have a decent sized backpack for whatever reason, then you can’t go wrong with the Karriomor. It’s fairly cheap, and has a 15 litre capacity, meaning you can store pretty much everything you could need in this thing without breaking the bank. There’s not much else to it because, you know, it’s a back pack, but if you need one for your runs then you could do a lot worse.

Buy a Karrimor X Litre backpack here.

8. Smartphone armband of your choice

This is fairly self explanatory, smartphones are a popular music player but they’re too big to be clipped onto your top when you’re out running. You could buy a smaller MP3 player (or a Bluetooth adaptor), but if that doesn’t sound appealing you can go out and buy a sports ready armband. Which one you buy will depend on what phone you buy, but they’re available pretty much anywhere.

9. Congito Kangaroo water bottle


When you’re out running, unless you brought a backpack with you, you’re generally without any sort of secure space to store things like cash, keys, or possibly even credit cards. But what you will undoubtedly take with you is your water bottle, so why not get a water bottle that has storage space? The latch on the side of the Congitoo Kangaroo opens up to reveal a compartment where you can store some of your valuables, like keys, without fear of them being lost somewhere on your route. The problem is that this, and the Oko Odyssey, aren’t available from UK based retailer. Fortunately it is possible to import them via eBay sellers for a not-so-ridiculous amount of money.

Buy a Congito Kanagroo here.

10. Oko Odyssey water bottle


The Oko Odyssey also has storage space for some of your smaller valuables, but  has an extra bonus of having a few extra gadgets tucked in. The bottle also comes with a built-in water filter (handy if the tap water in your area is particularly hard), and a torch that also functions as a lantern — making it perfect for night time running if you’re into that sort of thing. It’s a little bit niche, sure, but if you like having all your gadgets rolled into one then the Odyssey is something you should definitely look into.

Buy the Oko Odyssey here.

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Tom Pritchard

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